North Star Health and Mountain Valley Health Council announced changes today to laboratory services at our Mountain Valley Health Center. Effective April 1, 2024, we will transition our in-house lab services to external processing.

As part of this transition, lab samples previously processed in-house will be sent to Rutland Regional Medical Center and/or Springfield Hospital for testing. Patients may notice that bills for testing services will now come directly from these entities.

Despite these changes, patients can feel assured that the convenience of accessing lab services remains intact. Phlebotomist Courtney Barton will continue her dedicated service as a valuable member of our team. Courtney will continue to serve the community with blood draw services.

It’s important to note that while the samples will now be processed externally, North Star Health remains committed to providing the highest standard of care. This shift will allow us to focus on increasing access to care in the community.

Josh Dufresne, CEO of North Star Health commented, “Cost savings from this service shift will support planned renovation and expansion of the Mountain Valley Health Center. This will help North Star Health and the Mountain Valley Health Council provide increased access and expanded health services to our surrounding community.”

We understand that transitions like these may prompt questions and concerns. Individuals with inquiries are encouraged to reach out to Mountain Valley Health Center for assistance. Patient satisfaction, health, and wellness remain top priorities for our health system, and our team is committed to addressing any concerns during this period of change.