The health of a your teeth and gums plays a big part in your overall health and well-being. Our skilled dental health professionals are here to help children, adolescents and adults establish and maintain good dental habits and provide effective treatment options when problems arise.

North Star dental services are available regardless of a person’s insurance status or ability to pay. Financial assistance in the form of a sliding fee discount based on family size and income is available to those who are eligible.


  • Preventive care, including regular teeth cleanings and dental exams, routine X-rays, fluoride applications and sealants.
  • Education about good dental habits.
  • Basic and major restoration care (fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, extractions)
  • Emergency evaluation/care


      My Care Team

      Michael Foster, DDS

      Doctor of Dental Surgery

      Madhav Shrirao, DMD, BDS

      Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry

      Ushma Vyas, DDS

      Doctor of Dental Surgery

      Mir Ayesha Siddiqua, DDS

      Barbara Hodgkins, RDH

      Director of Dental Services