Because we’re here for everyone

With multiple locations, including school-based services, telehealth visits, walk-in care and soon a mobile unit, North Star Health aims to be accessible to people across our service area. We offer financial assistance based on income and family size, help with transportation, free health education programs, and an array of services personalized to meet your individual needs and goals.

Because we’re connected to the communities we serve

Achieving your health goals and addressing barriers that may get in your way to better health and wellness can get complicated. We are part of the communities we serve, with connections that can help you.  We work closely with a wide range of community partners, big and small, to coordinate your care and provide the support and assistance you need.

Because life is a journey, and we’re with you all the way

Life is a journey, and North Star Health wants to be with you all the way! Officially recognized as patient-centered medical homes, the multi-disciplinary care teams at each North Star Health location are focused on helping individuals identify their health-related priorities. While some people only visit a doctor when they are sick, we encourage patients to consider how they would like to improve their life – from reducing stress, sleeping better and eating healthy, to reducing their risk for chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Screenings for cancer, routinely recommended vaccinations and annual wellness visits are also important reasons to have an ongoing relationship with a healthcare provider.