North Star Health is committed to helping people overcome barriers that may be preventing them from getting the care and services they need. Valley Health Connections and the North Star Health Access Line are here to help you access care.

Valley Health Connections

Valley Health Connections
268 River Street, Springfield, VT 05156
[email protected]

We have partnered with Valley Health Connections, a Vermont Free & Referral Clinic based in Springfield, Vermont, to assist people in overcoming barriers and accessing the medical, dental and behavioral health care they need. Anyone may contact Valley Health Connections for assistance – you do not need to be a patient of or seeking services from North Star Health.

Valley Health Connections offers the following free services:

  • Outreach and Enrollment – Help enrolling in VT Health Connect, Medicaid and Medicare programs, North Star Health Sliding Fee Discount Program, the Vermont Department of Health You First program, and other state and social service programs.
  • Case Management – Help navigating the local health care system.
  • Referrals – Help with referrals for primary and dental care, specialty care, and episodic treatment.
  • Prescription Assistance – Help with enrollment and management of prescription assistance programs.

Contact Valley Health Connections today to request a free, confidential consultation.

North Star Health Access Line

North Star Health Access Line
100 River Street, Springfield, VT 05156

The North Star Health Access Line is here to help you:

  • Register as a new patient
  • Find/pay for transportation
  • Access other community-based services