At least 50 people joined us for our Food as Medicine Cooking Demonstration to kick off National Nutrition Month. The night was a delightful blend of culinary inspiration, heartfelt storytelling, and community engagement. Chef Jason Tostrup, accompanied by his twelve-year-old Sous Chef and daughter Olivia whipped up the delicious Vegetable Unfried Rice from the How Not to Die cookbook by Michael Greger. Read more below the photos.

The highlight of the evening was Chef Jason’s moving recount of his personal journey with multiple sclerosis. With candor and courage, he shared his struggles, his diagnosis, and ultimately, his triumph over adversity through. It was truly inspiring to hear how Chef Jason harnessed the healing potential of food to reduce his symptoms and improve his quality of life.

One lucky attendee walked away with a “healthy cooking starter pack” that included cutting boards, knives, a plant-based cookbook and a Shaw’s gift card.

We extend much gratitude to the Ardmore Institute of Health for their support of this program. We also express our sincere appreciation to the Springfield Family Center for their collaboration in organizing and promoting this program. Special thanks are also due to Vermont Academy for graciously providing the food and supplies that added to the success of the evening.

As we relish the warmth and vibrancy of the Food as Medicine Event, we are reminded of the profound connection between food, health, and community. It is through gatherings like these that we reaffirm our mission to connect with and care for our community so everyone may enjoy health and wellness.