North Star Health is pleased to announce that, as of January 1, 2023, we are participating with the Lore Health Medicare Accountable Care Organization (ACO). We decided to be part of the Lore Health ACO because we believe it will support healthier outcomes for our patients. Traditional Medicare beneficiaries are automatically enrolled in the Lore Health ACO and will receive a notice in the mail from them.

Lore Health (Lore for short) is a company that helps providers and patients to improve health by supporting lifestyle changes. Lore does this through an online platform that helps people find, share with each other, and learn more about the best healthy actions they can take to improve their wellbeing. Now that North Star Health is part of the Lore ACO, our eligible Medicare patients can join the Lore online community and take the next steps in their health journey. Lore can provide education, encouragement, accountability, and other benefits and tools not covered by Medicare.

Lore ACO is not a Medicare Advantage, HMO, or any other type of insurance plan. And enrollment in Lore ACO does not change the care provided by North Star Health or the way services are billed and paid through Medicare.

For more information, please see this Lore patient handout (also available in Spanish), which includes a list of frequently asked questions.