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If you’re living with a long-term (or “chronic”) health problem—like arthritis, diabetes, cancer, obesity, or heart disease—you’re not alone. About half of all American adults have at least 1 chronic health problem. Many have 2 or more. Long-term health problems can lead to serious complications that can make it hard for you to work, take care of yourself, and enjoy your life. We can help! In this class you’ll learn to:

  • Solve problems and create plans for action
  • Make healthier eating choices
  • Get more physical activity into your daily life
  • Be an active partner in working with your doctor and other care providers
  • Manage your medications to get better results and stay safe
  • Work through the emotional challenges that can come with living with a chronic condition

Meets Every Monday

August 12 – September 23

5:30 pm – 8:00 pm

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