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Join our class series, “Functional Movement for Lifestyle Medicine.”

This class focuses on mimicking everyday activities to enhance functional movement, such as walking, carrying a bag, squatting, pushing, and pulling, ensuring that you’re equipped for the demands of daily life. By engaging in these natural movement patterns, the class

-Reduces the risk of injury

-Provides an opportunity for physical activity

-Contributes to overall health by preventing and managing many chronic illnesses

Kristin Miller, Exercise Physiologist and Wellness Coach will lead this class with North Star Health providers, Dr. Durgin and Christina Mas, RN attending select classes to measure blood pressure, body circumference, and weight.

Insurance charges will be applied at times when Dr. Durgin provides consultation to the class, but otherwise the class is offered free of charge.

Sign up today by contacting Christina Mas, RN at (802) 886-8959 ext. 1602 or email [email protected]

Thursdays from 12:00pm-12:45pm

February 1-March 21

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